Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Good Morning, World

Here are the baseball boy jock actors of Take Me Out on Broadway -- including our beloved Jesse Williams -- answering that age old holiday question of, uhh, "Hot Cocoa or Egg Nog?" I have never thought of those things in competition with one another, to be honest. But then I have never had egg nog in my life -- I will never have egg nog in my life! Never! What a concept, ugh. Anyway they're all in their dressing rooms and some of them are half-naked so it's worth watching! Just like the show, which I've seen twice now. I mean can you blame me...


VRCooper said...

Egg Nog ---Light---Gotta watch the calories ---Royal Crest here in Denver does a good job.

Hot coco ---You can get that anytime.

I also love egg nog lattes with egg nog and not syrup. Please make it as hot as you can get. Very few make it these days.

Merry Christmas and the best of the new year Jason!!

Anonymous said...


And I wanna see this show so bad. I wish someone would leak the whole show.

dre said...

I mean...THIS guy got the winning ticket in the genetic lottery.