Wednesday, December 21, 2022

G'Night, Joshy

I've been elsewhere pounding out my Babylon review this afternoon -- I will link to that when it's up, sometime later this week -- so here's an old-ish photo of Josh O'Connor to fill the hole. So to speak. You know what I mean. But as long as we are here for a hot minute I do want to give you my holiday schedule -- which is poof, gone! Per usual. I believe I'll be here all day tomorrow but after that I'll be off until January 3rd. A full ten days of absolutely nothing - what bliss! In reality I'll be catching up on the movies I still have to see before I can properly sort out my favorites of the year -- for some reason lately I have really been feeling like I might post my Top 10 list for 2022 some point soon? Which is weird for me -- I have gotten into the habit of putting that off for months, if not years (I still haven't done a list for 2021, it's true, look it up). But the movies I wanna give love to right now I feel like shouting about them. We'll see! That's later anyway! Bye... until tomorrow... and then bye for ten days... is my point. Pointy!

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