Tuesday, November 08, 2022

Pics of the Day

Back when the Road House remake was shooting (I assume it's finished shooting by now) I had a little Twitter thread going with pictures of some of the boys (like Billy Magnussen and Darren Barnet) social-media posting from the set and I'd wondered therein why leading man and Nu-Swayze Jake Gyllenhaal wasn't showing up in anybody's posts. Was our boy keeping to himself? Really I just wanted to see what kind of shape he was in though, so I was happy today to stumble on these month-old photos of Jake posing on the set with UFC maniac Conor McGregor (who Jake will supposedly fight in the film) because LOOK how Jake's abs are literally showing right through his shirt! And those arm veins! We are in for a goddamned treat y'all.


Jake said...

I love Gyllenhaal but literally dispise that racist, p.o.s. McGregor

Jason Adams said...

I remembered there being something awful about CM but was too lazy to google it as I have never paid him any attention before (UFC is so outside my interests)... which is EXACTLY why I only mentioned how Jake looked ;)