Tuesday, November 01, 2022

Good Morning, World

Oh yes this is what I am talking about -- the illustrious folks at Behind the Blinds magazine, ever on top of what (meaning who) we all need to be on top of (you'd think I owned stake in their magazine at this point, given how often I've linked to them) have gone and gifted us with a hot new shoot of Lord of the Rings (by way of The Rings of Power series on Amazon) actor Ismael Cruz Córdova this morning. And it's a scorcher!

Photographed by Hadar Pitchon for BTB, I imagine we'll see even more photos before they're through -- that's how they roll. There's also an interview which I haven't gotten to yet -- I had to spend some quality time with the photos first, and I think you'll agree. I did a great big gratuitous post for Ismael about three weeks back, if you missed it click here and you will find it! Now let's hit the jump and enjoy all of these photos this morning...

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