Thursday, October 27, 2022

Karl Glusman Three Times

(via) What will surely be one of my favorite movies of the year that's been 2022, Amanda Kramer's queer greaser fantasia Please Baby Please starring Harry Melling and a deliciously unhinged Andrea Riseborough as a couple who get their engines revved up by a gang of sex-thugs led by our boy Karl Glusman here, is hitting theaters tomorrow!!! You can check this link for info on where and when specifics and all that jazzy jazz. Or even better you can watch the trailer right here. Or best of all you can click this link and read my review of the film, which was studiously ecstatic. This movie is hot and funny and beautiful and one of a kind. I adore it. See it as soon as you can, you won't be sorry.


ferretrick said...

Damn it, looks like it's only playing in New York.

dre said...

He's got hot "trade" energy.