Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Jai Is Fox

Via Collider today comes word that Jai Courtney and Saint Maud actress Morfydd Clark -- who you might know from playing Young Cate Blanchett in the new Lord of the Rings series but you need to see Saint Maud if you haven't yet dammit -- will be starring together in a movie called The Fox, which will be kinda folk-horror-ish it sounds like? They're calling it a dark comedy but it sounds creepy to me. Here's the plot:

"The film will tell the story of a vineyard dynasty heir who finds out his fiancé is cheating on him. Wanting nothing more than to ease his own ego and embarrassment, he decides to follow the advice of one fox, who promises his engagement will be fixed if he pushes his fiancé into a magic hole. When his fiancé emerges, the fox promises, she will be the perfect partner. However, the heir will soon find that his now-perfect fiancé has some strange quirks that may lead him to question his decision."

I guess her "strange quirks" could be she suddenly loves making lots of balloon animals or something similarly not creepy, but shit sounds creepy to me. The director Dario Russo is a first-time feature director, but I guess he made some Aussie series called Danger 5 that was a cult hit? Any Aussie readers wanna chime in? Anyway I hope it's good, I do love Jai, but he tends to pick questionable projects. I also love Morfydd; she was ace in the aforementioned Saint Maud but I also thought she proved her mettle by the end of the first season of The Rings of Power, I thought. Did y'all like that show?


Jake said...

Daddy!!!!!! 😋🔥🥵❤

Anonymous said...

not aussie but i remember watching Danger 5 years ago and it's a send up of old school international espionage stuff and it was an absolute goofy hoot. if you remember the 'sensible chuckles' gif this is where it came from

more importantly it starred sexy aussie redhead sean james murphy