Monday, October 10, 2022

Good Morning, World

Watching the Dahmer series with Evan Peters on Netflix (which I finally finished over the weekend) made me want to re-watch My Friend Dahmer sometime soon as well, which starred Teen Beat bad-boy Ross Lynch seen here -- both MFD and the excellent Dahmer movie starring Jeremy Renner are currently streaming on Amazon; along with Rya Murphy's show and the Netflix doc about Jeff that premiered this week one could really just have themselves a gay cannibal binge if one wanted to. On that note, happy Monday morning, everybody! I have another NYFF press screening (Sarah Polley's new movie!) so I won't be in until this afternoon. Make due with Ross butt until then.

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stoney8 said...

I Did the same, and while young Jeremy is pretty cute, I liked the Evan Peters version better.