Friday, October 28, 2022

Everything You Ever Need To Know About Life...

... you can learn from:

Jan Stevens: It's your use of a flanger
that I want to discuss.
Elle di Elle: What's a flanger?
Jan Stevens: It's an electronic device that
mixes two signals resulting in a phase shift. 
Elle di Elle: You didn't like it?
Jan Stevens: I think it should be on
a lower setting. Just fractionally. 
Elle di Elle: Why?
Jan Stevens: When you alter the sound too
much you lose all connection to the activity. 
Elle di Elle: But that's the whole point of what we do.
Why do it if it remains in the culinary context?
Jan Stevens: And why do it if it's completely
divorced from it? Then it's just sonic without the catering.
Elle di Elle: So you want catering without the sonic?
Jan Stevens: The best collectives here stretched the
elastic of their culinary sounds as far as they could,
but there was always a connection to the source
material. A semblance of what the sound once was. 

A happy 44 to Gwendoline Christie today!
Her performance in this movie is one of the year's greats.
Click here to read my review if you missed it,
and another piece on the film over at Mashable here.

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