Monday, October 31, 2022

13 Toilets of Halloween #13

I had about a gazillion possible choices for today's final entry in my "13 Toilets of Halloween" series, but twas Frank Henelotter's 1988 sleazeterpiece Brain Damage that won out in the end. Because if there's one thing that Frank Henenlotter has earned after all these years and after all the sleaze, it's to be top of the toilets, bless him. And this scene never gets enough love --everybody walks out of Brain Damage thinking about the blow-job scene and I understand that, I posted that scene here at MNPP myself ages back. But this scene is the capper to the gayest sequence in an extremely gay movie -- our leading man Brian (the extremely fine Rick Hearst) has just been eyeing a naked soapy bodybuilder in the group showers...

... as his potential victim. But Brian's penis -- excuse me, his brain-eating alien parasite named Alymer who just happens to look like a big dick -- has other ideas! So Alymer slithers into the toilets where it makes a meal out of that poor young man who's just trying to read his Deadworld comic while doing his business. As we've already been trained by the film (via the blow-job scene I mentioned earlier) to see Alymer as an extension of Brian's "desires" (so to speak) we can most definitely read this death as some dastardly Glory Hole business. Metaphorically, of course. Brain Damage is Queer Horror, dammit!

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and Happy Halloween, everybody!


Shawny said...

Wow, I've never seen this one. I'll have to seek it out now. I was wondering if you had ever seen Creepshow, with that final toilet scene exploding with live cockroaches? It's in the last episode of the film.

Jason Adams said...

Oh I have seen Creepshow, and the cockroach story SCARRED ME FOR LIFE. Ugh even now just typing about it is giving me the WILLIES!!! No way was I gonna make gifs from that scene, UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH nightmares