Tuesday, September 06, 2022

That's One Sensual Assassin

Singular sensations only come along every so often and the neon molasses cinema of director Bertrand Mandico should definitely be filed under "exactly that" -- his second feature film (after The Wild Boys in 2017) is called After Blue (Dirty Paradise) and it hit VOD a couple of weeks back and I forgot to share! I saw it at TIFF last fall and wrote a brief (very brief) thing here about it, calling it "Barbarella on ketamine," and you know what? I stand by that assessment. The movie's rentable on Amazon right at this link -- I recommend it if you find yourself in the mood for something slow and weird and one of a kind... and who isn't in the mood for that, like, all of the time? I mean this is the sort of movie where the official plot synopsis uses the term "sensual assassin." Come on! Incredible! Here's the trailer: 

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