Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Massacre, Seventies Style

Heads-up that a fascinating cult film has gotten a physical-media upgrade worthy of its weird wacky self as of today -- Synapse Films has just dropped the blu-ray for the 1976 high-school thriller Massacre at Central High, which isn't quite as lurid as its title makes it sound, while also yes being exactly that lurid. 

The names you might recognize are Robert Carradine (from Revenge of the Nerds) and Andrew Stevens (from The Fury) -- it's about a high school being terrorized by a gang of elitist jock king thugs who get their comeuppance when they underestimate the new kid in town, who turns out is a fucking lunatic. 

It's terrific anyway -- a definite B-movie with sex (lots of male nudity too!) and violence all ramped up to extreme levels, but also with a lot of seriousness and stuff to say about class and peer pressure besides. I was surprised by it -- it's basically proto-Heathers just without Daniel Waters' boss quotable black-humor. Any fans? 

Pick it up over at Synapse today! Or else!


Anonymous said...

That’s the guy (Stevens) who was in a Murder She Wrote and he was in a speedo and it’s pretty revealing/sexy for a Murder She Wrote episode.

Jake said...

I literally can't stop laughing as his locker blew up!!! Lmfao!!!

Dale M. said...

I loved this movie when I was younger(probably because of the male nudity if I'm honest). Steve Bond, who plays the diver, was on General Hospital later. He also had a very impressive Playgirl spread that's worth a Google image search.

Anonymous said...

It's a great movie and the bluray looks amazing. Stevens doesn't play the
revengeful new kid, Derrel Maury does. He has a great full frontal scene in the
water that is crystal clear in this disc.You can also see Stevens dick briefly in
that scene on the beach.

Andrew Stevens is in that episode of Murder She Wrote, but it's beefy Grant Goodeve
in the speedo

magusxxx said...

If I remember correctly, this is the movie that made me think, "Where the hell are all adults?!?!?!"

I don't think there's even one adult presence in the whole movie.