Wednesday, September 07, 2022

Good Morning, World

This morning we are wishing the great Jonathan Majors a happy 33 -- that's right it's his Jesus Year, and weirdly all that's making me think os that odd part in his recent NYT profile where he predicted he might die young? And that is not the vibe I want to be going for with this birthday celebration so let's shuffle that thought off to Buffalo (aka where the Sun don't shine). Anyway Devotion, Jonathan's fighter-pilot movie with Glen Powell, is premiering at TIFF any day now and I wish I was up there to see it -- here's the trailer if you missed it -- but the movie opens in theaters in about six weeks so it's not too bad a wait. After that he's got all that MCU stuff as Kang the Conquerer (and in that NYT profile he pretty much admitted he's the big villain for the next big Phase and he's going to be in several movies and get to play a heap of different characters, since Kang is a multiversal villain) and his role as Michael B. Jordan's opponent in Creed III -- mmm remember those photos of him working out on set?

Also just realizing that's lots of villain stuff coming up? I guess he is rather intense, so that plays into it, but I wanna see another sweetheart like Monty in The Last Black Man in San Francisco from him soon. Maybe Devotion? Anyway all that is later -- right now I'm doing something I've meant to do for a few years but kept putting off, which is make gifs of Jonathan's gay sex scene with Charlie Carver in Dustin Lance Black's 2017 gay-rights-movement miniseries When We Rise. And full disclosure: I kept not making these gifs because I still have never seen When We Rise, and I wanted to see When We Rise when I posted these so I could talk about it. I am ashamed I didn't watch this when it aired! And ashamed still to not have seen it. Feel free to tongue-lash me for all of that in the comments, but first let's tongue-lash our computer screens staring at all of these gifs after the jump...

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Carl said...

For me, the later episodes weren't as resonant as the early ones. But it's worth watching as well done pop/tv history, and Majors is good even if his performance isn't as distinctive as ones that came after.