Wednesday, August 31, 2022

The Reign of Queen Harriet the First

Mind you this is just a rumor at this point, and one whose source is totally obscure to me, but some dude is saying (via DH) that the great character actress queen Harriet Sansom Harris (best known for her work in Paul Thomas Anderson's Licorice Pizza and Phantom Thread, and also the series Frasier!) is playing the lead villain in Werewolf By Night, the MCU special that we told you about way back when that Gael Garcia Bernal is starring in. WBN is at this point being billed as a "Halloween Special" but we don't know much beyond that. The rumor is that Harris is playing "Verrusa, [who] will reportedly lead a cult from the house of Bloodstone." I don't know or care what the fuck that means -- all I care is Harriet Sansom Harris might be part of the MCU! That's awesome and hilarious all at once. Should we be past the point where an actor playing a small role in the MCU becomes news, what with there being ten thousand series and movies piling up? Maybe! But Harriet is special, dammit!


Aquinas1220 said...

Looking forward to WBN - am wondering if one of the upcoming episodes of She-Hulk will throw us an easter egg of it. And while we're at it: She-Hulk is great. Don't know where all the hate is coming from, but it seems to be coming from the same folks who are trashing the amazing queer-centered "A League of Their Own" show on Prime right now.

Jason Adams said...

I'm a little Marvel'd out at the moment but I thought the first ep of She-Hulk was fine! I spent most of it conflicted about my lust for CG Mark Ruffalo Hulk but it was cute, I'll keep watching it (although I might just hold off and binge it at the end)