Thursday, August 11, 2022

Pics of the Day

Lots of news this week on what might be my most anticipated movie of the fall movie season -- Park Chan-wook's Decision to Leave, which won the great South Korean director the Best Director prize at Cannes this spring, is coming out here in the US in October (I shared the trailer here) but it will play NYFF first (I included it in my preview right here) and today it was announced that the film is South Korea's submission for Best International Feature at the Oscars. And I know it's ridiculous to pit directors against each other just because they're from the same country, but being a person who's always felt like PCW has more deserved the prizes and attention that his countryman and fellow genre-riffer Bong Joon-ho has gotten recently, all of these new developments make me smile. (The Handmaiden should have won all of the awards dammit!) Anyway MUBI shared some new images from DTL today and I have a few more for you after the jump...


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