Monday, August 22, 2022

My Eyes Are Yours, Boyd Holbrook

What did I do this past weekend, you ask? Why I am glad you care. I will tell you. I finally binged Netflix's Sandman series, is what I did. I had no intention of doing that but that happened and I'm glad it did. I've never read any of the Sandman comics but I've read enough Gaiman otherwise and... this certainly was a Neil Gaiman product. I'm still not entirely convinced his books can be adapted to the screen without me groaning at goth fetishism that works better on the page -- Dream isn't the most compelling of leading men, y'all -- but there was enough goofing off at the edges that I was entertained. Particularly by Boyd Holbrook playing a gay maniac (my favorite kind!) and by Gwendoline Christie simply existing. If there will indeed be lots more of her in the next season as teased they will totally have me back happily. Have you watched it? Thoughts? 


Lykinos said...
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Lykinos said...

Watchable but let down by poor, half baked visuals and uninspired directing of a story that demands wonder and extravagance. I couldn't stop thinking what Brian Fuller would have made out of it.
The audiobook is a more successful adaptation with a more impressive (and fitting) cast..

Joshowa said...

Bryan Fuller! Now you've got that in my head. Would love to see that, @Lykinos. I enjoyed it, but yes, the directing of those last few episodes had me groaning.