Wednesday, August 03, 2022

Everything You Ever Need To Know About Life...

 ... you can learn from:

Caprice: What was that all about?
Saul: Just another epiphany.
Art triumphs once again.

Indeed art has triumphed once again as I haven't stopped thinking about David Cronenberg's Crimes of the Future since it came out back in June -- here was my review in case you missed it. Granted what I think about is often that jump scare slash punchline where Kristen Stewart pops out of nowhere all of a sudden like an enthusiastically sexy chihuahua. But that's a hell of thing to be haunted by! This movie is very funny though, and I kid as well -- the movie as a whole really has infected my brain. And while I do prefer Peter Srtickland's Flux Gourmet, its surprise companion piece on the body and art's invasion therein, I have a lot of love for Crimes too. Be gay, do Crimes!

Anyway I'm bringing Crimes up today, seemingly out of nowhere, because the movie is hitting blu-ray in a week! So if you haven't pre-ordered a copy already you can do so here. Admittedly this release feels a little bare-bones -- I could see a beautiful Criterion edition in our future... as long as "our future" isn't the 'future" of Crimes of the Future anyway, because I think blu-rays would be the last thing on our minds in that timeline. Not when we'd be so distracted grafting ears all over our body, and all. I don't know how you prioritize or schedule such things. "Oh sorry I can't make it to that screening -- I'm getting that finger sewn onto my forehead." The future is weird!

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