Thursday, August 18, 2022

Esther Squared!

Tomorrow is the day that all totally sane people with totally sane minds have been counting the minutes for for thirteen full years -- the sequel to Orphan is out! Titled Orphan: First Kill is is actually inexplicably a prequel to that 2009 delight, and today I have reviewed it for The Film Experience so click on over to read my thoughts on it. I don't spoil the new movie but I do spoil the '09 film, but if you've somehow managed to not have that movie spoiled for you in thirteen years I refuse to believe you're a person on the internet at all. That seems unlikely! Anyway the second this movie is on paramount+ tomorrow I am making a gif of my favorite moment and tweeting said gif at every person on Twitter one billion times over, so be prepared for that. I'll even update this post with the gif when the time comes, how about that? What a sometimes delightful world we live in y'all!

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Anonymous said...

I never knew I needed this so much, but thought I was the only one who LOVED the first one!! Never has such a bonnets premise ever been so well executed!!!