Wednesday, August 17, 2022

And The Award Goes To... Queens!

News today has been coming hot and heavy and I've been straaaaaining to keep up -- I haven't even gotten around to that news about a new season of Feud being directed by Gus Van Sant and starring Tom Hollander as Truman Capote alongside Naomi Watts, Chloë Sevigny, Calista Flockheart, and Diane Lane as the high society ladies he spurned when he wrote that tell-all back in the 1970s! And I'm not getting to it now either! (Really I just said all that needs to be said though, didn't I? Until we see the damn thing. anyway.) No this post here is to wham-bam out today's announcement from the LGBTQ critic's guild I belong to that we have awarded our TV Awards -- the Dorian TV Awards from GALECA are here, and you can read our entire slate of winners over at The Hollywood Reporter. No I don't have time to get into it too much, but I will say I think we did real good -- especially in the acting prizes, which went to Melanie Lynskey for Yellowjackets and Jennifer Coolidge for The White Lotus, in Lead and Supporting respectively. Queens, deserving queens, all of them queens!


Chip Chandler said...

I just spent 5 minutes trying to picture Tom HOLLAND as Truman Capote, and I think I broke my brain.

Anonymous said...

So we're awarding Jennifer Coolidge for being Jennifer Coolidge? She was FINE in the White Lotus, I don't know why everyone lost their damn minds over her. Alexandra Daddario was outstanding and I wish there were more conversations surrounding her performance.