Monday, July 11, 2022

One Big Heads Up

I should have mentioned this on this morning's "Good Morning, World" post but I was so distracted by Taron Egerton's slamming buttocks (as one gets) that I forgot -- mark your stalking calendars, as I'm going to be offline for a bit starting this week, heading into next. Specifically half of tomorrow, and then Thursday straight through the following Wednesday. I'm doing my annual-ish visit "home" to family and friends. I put "home" in quotations because I have lived here in NYC longer now than I have lived anywhere else, so NYC is home to me now. But you feel me. Anyway this was a good excuse to share that photo of Lakeith (via) and kill another bird in the process -- the more you know, and all.


Anonymous said...

Hey LaKeith!

Also, why is Westworld holding back the nudity this season?

John said...

I can see how you could get distracted