Monday, July 04, 2022

Happy InDePlaidPants Day 2022

For the third year in a row I am giving you people something to actually celebrate on July 4th, since the thought of celebrating "America" these days makes anyone with a sane brain break out in hives -- Happy InDePlaidPants Day! Wherein we instead tip our hats toward a bunch of photos of of attractively styled actors wearing this site's namesake pants o' plaid! Okay okay let's not be "controversial" -- you can also celebrate "America" if you want to. I won't smack the sparkler out of anybody's hands. These two things can coexist. I don't want a bunch of mouth-breathing red-hatters deciding to boycott plaid pants or anything. (As if they'd have the fashion capabilities in the first place.)  We're just here for pictures (and to hate Republicans), hit the jump for the pictures (and just hate the Republicans inside of your hearts)...


Shawny said...

Hate the party that has brought us white supremacy, sexism, gun terrorism, domestic insurrection, homophobia, transphobia, virus denial, virus safety bashing, and general illogical chaos? Why would we ever hate republicans?

Eve said...

Jason, you should include a picture of yourself (besides the thumbnail on the right) on (in?) these posts.

You're a pretty handsoman man yourself (seriously, no ass-kissing, I'm still salty regarding the fact you don't like cats).

Have a nice 4th of July.

P.S.: I hate anyone, anywhere who belong to the wring-winged "persuasion".

Eve said...


I meant "right-winged persuasion".