Saturday, July 04, 2020


Thanks to MNPP friend The Futurist on Twitter for gifting me with the idea for a brand new MNPP Holiday -- InDePlaidPants Day! July 4th's never been a holiday I've had a ton of interest in, seeing as how I hate the summertime and most summertime activities on the one hand (although I do love hot dogs) and on the other too much blind patriotism tends to make my skin crawl -- having your very being politicized and debated for one's entire life will do that, funny enough. And so here, a thing we can all agree on! Hot guys wearing plaid pants, just like this website's name!

I don't have a tag for photos of actors in plaid pants here on the site proper even though it's something I've always contemplated -- there are a lot scattered at this search link though, and there is a proper "Plaid Pants" tag on our Tumblr, you can  check out those modest archives over here. Next year, now that this idea exists, I'll plan a better bigger plaider day, but y'all do your part and go put on your own fave pair and together we'll celebrate InDePlaidPants right.

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Anonymous said...

I prefer a Pogo. Which is like a corn dog, I think lol