Monday, July 11, 2022

Good Morning, World

The internet has had three full days to make hay over Taron Egerton's nude scene -- yeah the word "nude" will never not be funny to me -- in his new series Black Bird, which premiered on Apple+ on Friday. So I feel a bit behind now! But seeing as how I had an entire Twitter thread devoted to Taron that began because of shots of him looking jacked on the show's set -- so far back we though it was a movie and it was called In With the Devil, see that here -- I'm not exactly going to drop the football this far from the finish line. Ooh I made a sports analogy! I'm the butchest. 

Just like Taron now, I guess! So butch, so manly. What a great way to start off my birthday week, officially! Anyway everybody else might've posted a few gifs, one or two good ones have specifically made the rounds, but I got the whole damn lot, I do. Go to the imitations for brevity -- come to me for true gratuity. Hit the jump for a few dozen more...


Anonymous said...

Love me some Taron. 🥵 Looking forward to more nude scenes from the show.

AxFromMN said...

I know there's a little bit of draping from the *grey sweatpants*, but that VPL is impressive

VRCooper said...

Happy Birthday, Jason!!

Do something fun!

Love your column/blog. I especially look forward to the "Everything You Can Learn About Live...You Can Learn From:" Some great nuggets.

And I love the banner photo. Is that a young Jake? I would love to be a fly on the wall to see him naked. Now, what I would do with him is a blog post in itself.


potsie said...

Looooove it, thanks!!