Saturday, July 09, 2022

6 Off My Head: It's Fantasia 2022 Time, Baby

It's summertime and the heat's on here in New York, so why not steam one's self up north for some slightly cooler weather but some hot hot hot movies, as the annual Fantasia International Film Festival kicks into gear this upcoming Thursday? Running for just under three full weeks (from July 14 to August 3rd) the Montreal-set fest is all in-person again this year, after a couple of hybrid-home-things due to the pandemic -- no I'm not traveling up there myself, but I will once again as I have for several years be doing some reviews from the fest anyway! Here on MNPP and also over at Pajiba too. But for now before we get to the reviewing stuff let's take a look at the typically bonkers line-up they've got set, all so perhaps y'all could scoot on up and see something for yourselves? There's still time, baby. THere's always time for awesomeness. Scan the entire line-up over here, but if you want some narrowing down I give you...

My 6 Most Anticipated Fantasia Titles

Swallowed (dir. Carter Smith) -- I've been a big fan of director Carter Smith ever since I saw his queer-horror short film Bugcrush way back in 2006, which he then followed up with the vastly under-rated The Ruins two years later. Swallowed seems to slam those two interests together, in that it's a queer horror flick and it stars the legend Jena Malone -- I'm sold! It's got something to do with drug-mules and body horror and closeted best friends yadda yadda bring on the transgressive queer shit, Carter!

Bodies Bodies Bodies (dir. Halina Reijn) -- I kind of feel like an asshole including a movie that's already been scooped up by A24 and has a trailer and a release date (on August 5th, right after the fest finishes). And yet! This slasher satire about influencer culture is super buzzy and it stars Lee Pace and Rachel Sennott (from Shiva Baby) and I just wanna see the damned thing already, okay?

Coupez! (dir. Michel Hazanavicius) -- The title translates to Final Cut! and this is the remake of the Japanese Zombie Flick One Cut of the Dead that I really wanted to see at Sundance in January, which they then pulled from the line-up at the last minute. I even included it in my round-up of movies I wanted to see at Sundance. And yet here I am, being a good game giving person, not holding that yank against them. I still wanna see this even though it got mixed reviews when it did actually screen at Cannes. Such is the power of Romain Duris, yo.

Glorious (dir. Rebekah McKendry) -- A shitter-centric Lovecraftian horror comedy starring Ryan Kwanten? I think all of those words are my new middle name. Or they were my middle-name all this time, and I only am just now realizing it. Anyway we must encourage a Ryan Kwanten comeback, so we must all go to see this movie, whether it's good or bad or whatever. Ryan Kwanten good. 

Hypochondriac (dir. Addison Heimann) -- We got another gay one! So glad we're getting plenty of queer horror these days -- I mean the sort on the movie screens, not the real-life stuff. Had enough of life's real queer horrors, thanks. But I guess these things go hand in hand! Anyway this one's about a man whose bipolar mother tried to kill him when he was little, and what happens when packages containing messages from her start showing up at the happy home he shares with his boyfriend. Something tells me it ain't good!

Please Baby Please (dir. Amanda Kramer) -- I have already posted about this movie several times, this is the one that stars Andrea Riseborough and Harry Melling as a bored suburban couple in the 1960s who get dragged into an erotic nightmare by a weirdo biker gang led by my boy Karl Glusman in fetish gear. Oh and Cole Escola and Demi Morre are there. The director described it as a campy take on West Side Story if shot by John Waters, and all of the photos look like some colorful Fassbinder by way of Kenneth Anger shit, and I am all over this baby.


And yes I literally had to forcefully stop myself with many a violent self-inflicted slap about my face and neck to listing just six titles, as there are about two dozen more I want to watch -- there's the new film by Mickey Reese and the new movie by Neil Labute and the new movie by Quentin Dupieux and there is one starring Rahul Kohli and I could just keep going. Fantasia is, as always, stacked, and I only hope I can see as many of these as I can stuff down my maw over its three-weeks. Y'all try to too, or at least come back and listen to me yammer about them. I promise to yammer but good!

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