Wednesday, June 22, 2022

We Are All Sophia Now

My latest review from the Tribeca Film Festival -- which is still happening, virtually at least -- popped up at The Film Experience last night, so click on over to read my thoughts on the documentary Sophia, about the terrifying uncanny A.I. robot called "Sophia" and her mad inventor. I suppose one day humanity will not be so unnerved by sort of very nearly life-like robots like her, but that day is definitely not today, and there are moments in this doc that made my skin crawl. In a good way! Well, an interesting way. Okay I am still having nightmares, don't judge me.


Shawny said...

I judge you as reasonable. That looks creepy.

Anonymous said...

The "uncanny valley": we can't help but be creeped out.

Aquinas1220 said...

I find AI technology to be so fascinating but I wish designers would recognize that folks are creeped out by the "uncanny" nature of them as one posted said above. Just give them all a cute factor (think Wall-E) and go from there