Wednesday, June 08, 2022

Taron Egerton Flips the Bird

There is a photo of Taron Egerton (via) summing up "Today's Mood" quite succinctly -- it's from the set of Black Bird, his Apple+ series that's coming out next month that sees him playing a prisoner who makes a deal with the FBI to befriend a serial killer (played by Paul Walter Hauser) in order to get information. (Sidenote: I started a very substantial Twitter thread of photos of Taron when we started seeing photos from this set, which is well worth a scroll if you missed it.) Anyway Black Bird debuts on July 8th and...

... today they have dropped the first trailer, which includes promising moments like the moment giffed above -- we should all set our schedules accordingly, I guess. Here's said trailer:

I imagine Taron is going to have to do press for this soon -- I'm very curious to see if he addresses that big Cock debacle in the UK where he bailed on the play he was doing with Jonathan Bailey; he hasn't said anything about any of that yet, save some boilerplate press release thing that was so vague it could've meant anything. Tell us why you ran away from Cock, Taron! 

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