Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Steven Yeun Three Times

Dumbly I hadn't thought about the fact that since Steven Yeun here is one of the co-stars of Jordan Peele's forthcoming horror flick Nope (which is out on July 22nd) that we'd probably be getting some Steven Yeun photoshoots shortly! A cause célèbre! Wait that doesn't actually mean "a cause for celebration" does it? It means a thing that's ignited intense conversation, not necessarily of the positive sort. Well I mean a cause for celebration. As in, "Yippee Steven Yeun!" Anyway GQ Korea hasn't actually posted a link to this story slash shoot yet, so there might be more photos when they do -- all I have right now is the three photos with all the usual annoying text on them, so I will share them after the jump...

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bdog said...

GQ in America is such a dumpster fire. I subscribe b/c I'm trying in vain to keep the magazine industry alive, EW and MSL stopped print issues in the past few months.
Why don't we get cool pics of Yeun in American GQ?
The last issue of GQ was full of stupidly expensive, hideous clothing that only rap stars can wear/afford. Even the articles were boring. I don't know who the magazine is supposed to be for anymore.