Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Quote of the Day

“It’s very easy to feel overwhelmed in the world we’re in at the moment. Armond came to represent, for me, that part of us that is like, ‘I can’t take this anymore. This is insane,' There was something about him crashing and burning that felt like a really powerful metaphor… hopefully that’s not the fate of the human race. ... Sometimes it feels like we’re just hurtling toward things that we could prevent, but we’re just choosing not to. Let’s not be Armond."

Our king Murray Bartlett -- normally I would say "our mustachioed king" but dude's not rocking the stache in these photos, gasp! -- is the cover dude for Variety this week, talking that perfect slice of wonder The White Lotus that he starred in last year, and listen. I woke up weirdly early this morning and am kind of delirious from exhaustion already and so I'm not entirely in my right mind (whatever that is) but this interview (specifically the bit above) made me start crying? I think he was right to zero on that aspect of the show anyway, because I think he's right on with why it resonated so much last summer and continues to today. (Sidenote: here is my review of The White Lotus.) I can remember how vividly its panic-attack vibe hit anyway -- that score! -- and to be honest I only feel more like Armond by the day. So that's fun! Let's stare at a couple more photos of Murray, even if he is stache-less, after the jump to calm us down (or to at least channel our tensions towards other parts of our bodies)...

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Shawny said...

Just saw that he's in the upcoming series The Last of Us. Damn, can't wait to see that. I still need to finish the second game!