Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Penny & Tony: A Love Story

Hey look it's another Tribeca review from yours truly! Click on over to Pajiba for my thoughts on the art-film satire Official Competition, which stars Penelope Cruz and Antonio Banderas, and I know what you're thinking but no -- it was not directed by Pedro Almodóvar. Yes, you'd think that Pedro Almodóvar would be the one giving us the movie starring Penelope Cruz and Antonio Banderas.  And he sort of did with his masterpiece Pain and Glory a couple of years ago except for the fact that those two Almodóvarian icons never shared a scene together since she was playing Antonio's character's mother in flashbacks. And then there is I'm So Excited!...

... which features Penny & Tony in a brief cameo in its opening scene as luggage handlers I think? I haven't seen that movie since it came out and honestly all I really remember about it is that shot where Miguel Angel Silvestre has a boner. (In related news I clearly need to re-watch I'm So Excited!.) But honestly how dare Almodóvar play with us like this? Now that I think about it I am offended. Make a movie starring your two muses or get off the pot, Pedro! Eww, what a way to phrase it. Anyway go read my review of Official Competition, which does star Penelope Cruz and Antonio Banderas, thank you very much directors Mariano Cohn and Gastón Duprat! And the movie's very funny, I loved it quite a bit. I think it might actually be Cruz's funniest performance to date, which is saying a lot obviously. I'm feeling very pro-Penny these days.

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