Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Living Out Efron

Oh I missed some amazing news yesterday! And even better -- it's amazing news that gives me an excuse to post that picture of Zac Efron! Double amazing. Although Zac and his pecs aren't the reason I'm actually excited about this news -- they're a perky perk to be sure, but not the main course of it. The main course is the news that Richard LaGravenese, the writer-director of one of my favorite movies Living Out Loud from 1998, is writing and directing a new movie! It's an as-of-now untitled rom-com about a mother and daughter  -- played by Nicole Kidman and Joey King -- and "a surprise romance" involving King's "movie star boss" who will one assumes be played by Efron. And yes if you're putting the two with the other two Kidman + Efron also makes this a Paperboy reunion too! Hot damn -- pee on me, I must be dreaming!

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