Wednesday, June 08, 2022

Good Morning, World

Way back in November of 2021 I told y'all about a movie called The Inspection from the director of the LGBT doc Pier Kids that was set to star Hollywood actor (as in the Ryan Murphy series) Jeremy Pope alongside one of our faves, American Honey actor McCaul Lombardi -- well the above photo is not from the movie but it was taken of Lombardi by Pope during the making of the movie, says McCaul on his Instagram, and that feels like a moment worth marking! McCaul describes the photo as "Taken in bootcamp when I was playing the most toxic dude in the Marine corp" which I guess gives us a hint of the movie's plot, since we don't know a lot except it's an autobiographical story from the director. Anyway we are always happy to see actors bond in such ways! We encourage this behavior!

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