Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Good Morning, World

Today we wish a happy 50th birthday to one of the movies great under-appreciated talents and sexpots Alessandro Nivola, long-time MNPP fave -- if you don't believe us spend a year skipping back through our Alessandro Nivola Archives! They are thorough, perhaps excessively so. Seems like the right time to share a couple of never-before-posted gifs from Laurel Canyon anyway, which alongside Jurassic Park III the year before made up "The Moment I Fell For..." Alessandro. Who didn't? In related news Laurel Canyon just turned 20 this year -- think it's time for a revisit! There was actually Alessandro news yesterday -- he's going to co-star with the great André Holland in an Apple+ series called The Big Cigar and yes they are totally trying to bait me with that title.  The series is about the Black Panther Huey Newton (Holland) escaping to Cuba with help from Easy Rider producer Bert Schneider (Nivola), and yeah that sounds like a lot of story to tell! Very excited for that, and for the several other projects that Nivola's got lined up too. (Thankfully for someone so under-appreciated he works lots.) Happy birthday!

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dk468 said...

Get out of here!! 50!!!
He was good in Heaven!!!