Wednesday, June 01, 2022

Glen Powell Two Times, Plus

I know, it's been a lot of Glen Powell in the past couple of weeks -- what can I say, his PR people have really gotten it done for Top Gun! There's been a lot of content to choose from -- so much that I missed these two photos from Texas Monthly (read the chat here) AND I missed the video he did alongside his Men's Health cover-shoot, which you can see below. I did share that photoshoot already, right here

Normally I would gif the hell out of this video...

... but I've got too much other junk to do today so you can all just fiddle with the pause and rewind buttons on YouTube like we did when we were kids (well people my age did, anyway) and there was a nudie scene in a movie. I mean how many times did we all watch that "shadow" of Tom Cruise's move in All the Right Moves? Millions! Billions!


udryx said...

I wish Scream Queens would return. Maybe a movie. Either way so happy for endless Glen 🥰

dre said...


Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie