Thursday, June 30, 2022

Cowabunga Garfield

Since we have a new Thor movie out next week -- which I have now seen and y'all, there is butt! -- I've really been expecting Chris Hemsworth to hit up the beach and do one of his surf pap bait runs that always ramp up around the time he's got a new movie out. And we did get one little bit of that -- see here. But instead today it's unexpectedly his momentary-MCU compatriot Andrew Garfield slipping into the wetsuit and batting his best come-hither eyes and sundry bits at us (via), and this is what I call teamwork! I co-sign another Amazing Spider-man movie on the strength of this fan-service alone. Andy, always a team player. Hit the jump for several more alt-Spidey surfin' safari snaps...

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