Monday, May 23, 2022

The Princess and The Parking Attendant

I say all of this in my review of the film but I did not go into Hulu's rom-com-ish latest The Valet with expectations of writing a sparkling review -- I figured I'd hate it (even though I do love Samara Weaving) because everything about it was just screaming I would. And then it actually ended up being pretty charming? It's not asking a lot of you but I suppose -- I suppose! -- that's alright from the movies every so often. I'm being a little bit facetious there but I do generally subscribe to wanting my movies to be more than just entertainment -- if you look at my lists of beloved you'll see I love misery, I love a challenge. The Valet is neither of those things, but in this economy who cares -- just turn your brains off and enjoy. Anyway that's the short version -- click over to Pajiba to read my review of The Valet, which is now streaming on Hulu -- this review didn't go up until over the weekend so I'm only just getting around to linking to it now, you see. But maybe you watched the movie already and have your own opinion! That's great too, please share in the comments...

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