Thursday, May 19, 2022

Smoke Em If Ya Got Em

Now this is a random ass bunch of words slapped together I am about to share with you! Aussie director David Michôd, who gifted us with Animal Kingdom and The Rover and Timmy's bowl-cut-epic The King, is all set to make his next movie titled Wizards! (exclamation point included), which will apparently be a stoner comedy starring our beloved serious-thespian flame Franz Rogowski alongside (umm) SNL star Pete Davidson (umm?) as weed-heads who stumble upon a bag of cash that they shouldn't stumble upon, cue hijinks. I'm assuming "comedy" here I will admit -- maybe this will be more in league with Robert Pattinson in Good Time, which was not a comedy at all but could have had its wacky plot described as one beforehand. Oh and this was co-written by Michôd's usual co-writer Joel Edgerton. In all honesty the only thing throwing me off here is Davidson, and I was generally alright with him until he started dating she-who-shall-not-be-named. I will try not to let that particular toxic cloud cloud up my enthusiasm for everything else going on. I will try!

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Ridley said...

Why do we as a society continue to tolerate Pete Davidson? Shouldn't we have evolved past him by now?