Thursday, May 05, 2022

Petite Maman The Book

I just re-watched Céline Sciamma's recent masterpiece Petite Maman for like the fifth time over this past weekend -- y'all know I balk at calling movies this new-ish "masterpiece" but I've no doubt in my head that this movie qualifies already. Here is my original review from TIFF -- the movie is in theaters right now and you couldn't conjure up a better movie for Mother's Day Weekend, so go see it. I demand it! 

As seen above and below the fine folks at Neon have printed up a 32-page children's book version of the film to giveaway on social media, so hit them up on Instagram or on Twitter with a photograph of your eight-year-old self and the hashtag #PetiteMaman and maybe you can be one of the lucky ones! Oh and y'all should read this recent interview with Sciamma -- she's one of the greats, we're so fortunate to be here to watch her work!

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