Friday, May 20, 2022

Down the Hatch(ing)

I've been back from my brief vacation for four full days now but I will admit that blogging's been spotty all week -- I do actually have an excuse though! I have three movie reviews (possibly more, depending on how this afternoon goes) coming out today and I have been working on those. See, I do love you. Never doubt me. The first one is up now at Pajiba and it's of IFC Midnight's Finnish horror flick Hatching, which is about a little girl making friends with a bird (although it's far more nefarious than that of course). Hatching started streaming earlier this week (you can rent it right now at this link) -- I saw it way back at Sundance and it stuck in my head well enough that I decided I had things to say now! So I did. Click on over to read those things. Also, I would like to add the following of import:

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