Monday, April 18, 2022

Thor the Four

There is the first poster for Thor: Love and Thunder, the... third Thor movie? The fourth? It's the fourth isn't it? Oh who the hell cares. I liked the last Taika one and I will probably like this one, it will surely be colorful and over-the-top and ridiculous, as a Thor movie should be and as that poster is most definitely selling. All of this leans into Chris Hemsworth's strong suits, which for some reason I went into an Ambien-fueled rant about on Twitter last night -- I don't know. I really need to lock my phone after I take my pill. I mean looking back at it now I agree with everything I said, but don't really see the need to have been so passionate about it. Drugs are weird, kids. In summation -- Thor 4, out in July! And here is the first teaser trailer:


bdog said...

Wow, 4 Thors?! I only saw the one with Cate Blanchett, are the other 2 worth watching?
I just got Disney+ (added to my Hulu for $2.99 a month, sweet deal) and I ran through WandaVision, which was excellent, Cruella for the 4th time, and Shang-Chi's first hour or so several times-I love the bus sequence.
Moon Knight is next, RIP Gaspard. Boy, does that suck.

Jason Adams said...

I remember liking the first Thor. I remember hating the second one. That is all I remember.

Shawny said...

Hated the first Thor, only watched the second because I had recently bought a 3D TV, receiver, DVD player and glasses. So my normal taste was chucked out the window for pure visuals. I actually didn't mind the second one.