Monday, April 18, 2022

If You Wanna Fuck With the Eagles...

Very kind of the great and powerful Franz Rogowski to share this photo of himself with his pet eagle on the set of his latest movie Luzifer, which is coming out real real soon -- the streaming service Mubi will be streaming the film on April 25th aka one week from today! Luzifer has Franz playing a Nell-esque man-child raised off the grid by his mentally-unwell mama whose isolated home is threatened, in the manner of all 1980s Teen Movies, by some evil real estate developers. Here's a trailer for the movie, which will do a better job setting it up than I can:

Really the selling point here, as it is with any movie starring Franz Rogowski, is Franz Rogowski, by far one of the most fascinating screen presences we've got working today. I'll have more to say about this movie soon but believe me when I say that his fascinating-to-watch streak remains unbroken. 

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