Monday, April 25, 2022

This Trailer is Fire (Island)

Big dose of happy this morning as the first poster and the first trailer for Andrew Ahn's film Fire Island have arrived! Ahn is the extremely talented filmmaker behind Spa Night and Driveways (read my Driveways review here), both of which are MNPP-tested and approved. On the surface Fire Island seems like a departure for him -- those movies were introspective and quiet and Fire Island, a comedy about a bunch of queer friends (including comedian Joel Kim Booster, SNL's Bowen Yang, and Margaret f'ing Cho) vacationing at the titular gay mecca, is maybe probably not the same vibe. But I can't wait to see and find out whatever it is, and this trailer's a lot of fun. This hits Hulu on June 3rd -- watch the trailer now:


Anonymous said...

This looks great, hilarious and also taking on some of the issues we have in the community. Can’t wait!

Anonymous said...

Looks horrid. Why must they make these party boys so dramatic and flamboyant? I've been partying for 20 years - most of us are simply not like that. So stereotypical.

dre said...

The thing about stereotypes is...there's truth in them whether we want to accept it or not. Truthfully, this is the largest and most visible part of our "community."