Wednesday, April 06, 2022

Jack Lowden Two Times

Has anybody watched Slow Horses on Apple+ yet? It's the new Gary Oldman & Kristin Scott Thomas six-part series about MI5 agents that also stars our beloved boy Jack Lowden here -- two episodes premiered on that streamer over the weekend but I myself haven't gotten to them yet. Anyway Jack talks the series to Vogue today, which is where these ginger-tastic photos are from -- his luxurious hair here is straight up giving me the vapors, you guys. We're still waiting on word of when Jack's wonderful movie with Terence Davies called Benediction is getting a U.S. release -- read my review here, and then go harass somebody at Roadside Attractions to get this baby into our movie theaters already! Here is the Slow Horses trailer: 


The Bad-Ass Penguin said...

I actually started reading the Slow Horses series when I heard about the TV show. The books series is very good; I'm on the 7th book now. The series is well-done and it appears they are honoring the source material in the adaptation. I recommend!

bdog said...

I did not realize it was a limited series. I'm very excited to see it, b/c Kristen Scott in anything is a joy.

MTMSLG said...

What's not to love: A group of misfit spies in rainy London with Oldman doing a washed-up, dime-store Smiley and Thomas reigning over MI-6, add the always watchable Olivia Cooke and the scruffy charm of Lowden . . . I'm all in.