Friday, April 29, 2022

5 Off My Head: The Pfeiffer Lady

The one and the only Michelle Pfeiffer, who is turning 64 today, can be seen at the moment on Showtime's The First Lady series, giving in my consideration the best performance on the show as Betty Ford -- I'll admit up front that I went into the show being pretty unfamiliar with Betty Ford, besides the the Cliff's Notes stuff with regards to alcoholism etc, so I don't have a person in my head that I have been comparing her to. But she's giving by far the most human and grounded performance...

... on the series, which is admittedly a bit of a mess. (Oh Viola, what are you doing?) Anyway what's new -- Michelle literally never puts in a bad turn, and yet she continually goes under-appreciated. I'm just glad she's working consistently again after taking so much time off to be with and raise her kids. So let's celebrate her here on her birthday today, with a list I am shocked to admit I've never done before...

My 5 Favorite Michelle Pfeiffer Performances

Selina Kyle, Batman Returns
"It's the so-called 'normal' guys who always let you down. 
Sickos never scare me. Least they're committed."

Angela de Marco, Married to the Mob
"Everything we own fell off a truck!"

Woman, mother!
"This is all just... setting."

The Countess Ellen OlenskaThe Age of Innocence
"Don't make love to me. 
Too many people have done that."

Elvira, Scarface
"Don't toot your horn, honey, 
you're not that good."

Runners-up: French Exit, Where is Kyra,
The Fabulous Baker Boys, Stardust

What are your favorite Pfeiffer performances?


Ankit Shankar said...

The Witches of Eastwick

Scott said...

5 Favorites: Batman Returns, Scarface, Hairspray, Stardust ... oh and I'll go with French Exit (don't know that the film entirely worked, but I liked her a lot in it).

JWB said...

For me her best performance is Frankie & Johnny. But Batman Returns, Baker Boys, Age of Innocence, Married to the Mob, White Oleander… it’s crazy how she’s consistently overlooked every award season. Her recent run has been so good too. She was brilliant in mother! Where is Kyra & French Exit, and i keep hearing great things about her in The First Lady. She’s definitely overdue for that recent run of performances alone!

Jason Adams said...

I realized while making this list that I have never seen Frankie & Johnny! I should definitely watch it this weekend

Rhiordan said...

Not having seen 'mother!' or 'The Age of Innocence,' I would suggest Laura Alden from 'Wolf' and either Madame de Tourvel from 'Dangerous Liaisons' or Sukie Ridgemont from 'The Witches of Eastwick' (I know I am a serious outlier in my appreciation of that one). ~R

Andy said...

Love Field!

Mick said...

Grease 2, Age of Innocence, Dangerous Liaisons, Batman Returns,and Hairspray!

Eve said...

She's great in Dangerous Liaisons.

Problem is: nobody, and I really mean nobody, not even the amazing John Malkovich, can hold a candle to Glenn Close in that movie.

On a very superficial note, what is that luscious hair in that bottom picture? GAH!!!

Jason Adams said...

You mean the gif at the bottom of the post? That's from Fabulous Baker Boys

Eve said...

I know it's from Fabulous Baker Boys.

The "what is that luscious hair" was an expression of sheer enviousness.

It just came out wrong.

ferretrick said...

Madame de Tourvel in Dangeorus Liaisons. Yes, I know Glenn Close is phenomenal, but she had far better source material to work with. In a lesser actress' hands, de Tourvel would just be a boring victimized goody two shoes you don't care about at all. She is in the book. Pfeiffer made her a fully realized human being. The "it's beyond my control" scene is devastating.