Friday, March 18, 2022

You Might Say This One Marks the Spot

Very happy to report that Ti West has gotten some of his horror movie mojo back with X, out in theaters today -- I reviewed it at Pajiba right here and the movie's a ton of dumb gory fun, I recommend you going to a theater if you're into going into movie theaters and experiencing it with an audience if you're into experiencing things with audiences. (I am still not pushing any of this, given the yes still ongoing pandemic.) I posted the trailer back in January -- X stars our Suspiria gal-pal Mia Goth and our We Are Who We Are guy-pal Kid Cudi (Ti West you a Guadagnino stan too?) alongside Martin Henderson (very sexy, very sexy), 5cream's Jenna Ortega (she played the kid sister), Owen Campbell, and best-in-show Brittany Snow (very funny and she sings a gorgeous rendition of "Landslide" that's been stuck in my head all week), as a pack of lo-fi pornographers in 1970s Texas who make a wrong turn into the rural nowhere land and the sand, it gets stained real red. Do I have some issues with the movie? I do, but I don't wade too far into them in my review because they involve spoilers, and they're not film-ruining by any means. But when people say they just want to have fun at horror movies X is a great example to trot out for just that -- it has some ideas but it doesn't let them get too serious or too in the way of delivering. I dug, I dug.

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