Monday, March 21, 2022

Windfall in 200 Words or Less

More than anything else the sharp, smart, short Windfall made me feel overwhelmed with an immediate need to re-watch Sam Raimi's desperately underrated thriller A Simple Plan, and in no way should that read as a slight to Windfall -- anything that makes me feel the need to re-watch A Simple Plan should be commended for getting me into that vibe. You know the vibe -- isolated groups of disparate, desperate people quarreling over a sack of cash, triple-crossings and throat-slashings imminent. That vibe. A great vibe. One of my favorite vibes. 

There are only four actors on-screen in Windfall and only three of them actually have real characters to play, and they're all perfectly solid -- Jesse Plemons per usual the most solid of the bunch (he's always a goddamn delight), but there's fine work from Jason Segel and Lily Collins here too. Go in with low expectations -- I went in with zip, not realizing this was directed by Charlie McDowell (director of the very fine The One I Love with Elizabeth Moss and Mark Duplass) until the final credits rolled -- and as such found it a happy surprise. Do that and you might too.


Hot guys said...

Watched it when it came out, I was getting a play-vibes, which is not a bad thing.

It's solid. 👍🏻🙂

Shawny said...

A Simple Plan came out in the shadow of Fargo. But it's a fantastic film. One of Raimi's best. And my favorite Billy Bob performance.