Friday, March 18, 2022

Umma Let You Finish

Two horror movies out today, two movie reviews of horror movies I have posted today at Pajiba, but unfortunately this second one here is not so good as the first. The first one, the good one, was Ti West's X, which I linked to earlier -- this second not-as-good one is called Umma and it stars Sandra Oh and you can read my full thoughts on it here. I think I actually liked this movie more than a lot of critics seem to have -- there were people laughing at my critics' screening in moments where I didn't think they should be laughing, for example -- but it's not as good as movie as it should be, given how strong a presence Oh always is. But this might play better at home on TV, and I could see myself watching it again under those circumstances. 


Anonymous said...

You dare Uma Thurman tease me??? The deceit. The deception!

Shawny said...

I'm a big Ti West Fan since House of the Devil. So glad he's back.