Monday, March 14, 2022

Saddle Up, Movie Lovers

Not that it's ever a good time to not think about Brokeback, but I've definitely had Ang Lee's 2005 gay cowboy masterpiece on my brain more often than not over the past few months thanks to Jane Campion's The Power of the Dog and the awards conversation surrounding that film over the past few months -- so what a wonderful coincidence that we're all about to have the opportunity to see Brokeback on a big screen again! It's the 20th anniversary of Focus Features this year, and they're going to be screening several of their classic films at AMC theaters around the U.S. to celebrate that -- from April 29th through may 5th there will be five dollar screenings of Brokeback, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Atonement, and several more magical motion pictures -- you can check out AMC's site here for more info. And there's a trailer, too!

If you hit the jump I have the full press release...

For twenty years, Focus Features has united cinema’s most fearless filmmakers and gifted actors to create unforgettable experiences in theaters around the world. To kick-off our two decades of powerful storytelling and remarkable filmmaking, the studio is commemorating the incredible milestone with a new reel, looking back at some of their most iconic onscreen moments.
Focus Features chairman Peter Kujawski said, “Cinema holds great power. That is the simple belief that has guided us since we asked you to join us on a journey of discovery that began twenty years ago. It has been a voyage motivated by the boundless joy that comes from experiencing the world anew when seeing it through the eyes of others, and it has been steered by the conviction that sharing that experience in a theater with friends, family, and strangers not only delights us, but brings us closer to our loved ones, our community, and the world at large.”
As part of the studio’s plans to celebrate the occasion, AMC Theatres will highlight the Focus Features’ anniversary beginning April 29 with “Focus 20” week at select theatres nationwide. AMC will showcase seven titles from the Focus Features library, each of them receiving an afternoon and primetime screening over the seven-day period. The titles to be featured are DOWNTON ABBEY (directed by Michael Engler; September 20, 2019), BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN (directed by Ang Lee; December 9, 2005), BURN AFTER READING (directed by Ethan Cohen, Joel Coen; September 12, 2008), DARKEST HOUR (directed by Joe Wright; November 22, 2017), ATONEMENT (directed by Joe Wright; December 7, 2007), ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND (directed by Michel Gondry; March 19, 2004), and HARRIET (directed by Kasi Lemmons; November 1, 2019). Learn more about “Focus 20” week HERE:
Additionally, Focus Features is also the first film brand with a dedicated hub on Peacock. The streaming platform will collect the studio’s historically acquired specialty films in one place to direct specialty film fans. In the coming weeks, Peacock will also be a home for Focus Features’ digital series including REEL DESTINATIONS and YOU KNOW THAT SCENE.
A highlighted collection of Focus Features films will be available to rent or own on Amazon Prime Video, Apple, and other major digital retailers. Films are also available to rent or own at

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stoney8 said...

While I Loved The, The Clumsy Sex Scene In The Tent Was A Major Disappointment!!!!