Wednesday, March 02, 2022

Peter Sarsgaard Four Times

Since it's been on Netflix for several weeks now I assume all of you have seen Maggie Gyllenhaal's The Lost Daughter by now, and if you've seen The Lost Daughter by now then I can only believe that you've appreciated the way that Maggie uses her husband, the actor Peter Sarsgaard, in the film -- I don't think I've ever seen an instance of one half of a married couple so clearly understanding the not-altogether-flattering appeal of their partner and exploiting it so deftly! If that at all sounds like an insult please know it is not -- I love Pete and his specific thing, but his specific thing is being a bit of a creepazoid and I love that Maggie and him tooootally get it. 

It's some Cassavetes / Rowlands levels of getting it. Anyway I bring this up because there's a new-ish interview with Sarsgaard in HERO Magazine that was conducted by his co-star Jessie Buckley -- you can read it here, or if you just want to appreciate Peter's stupendous beard and lots of expensive-looking layers of wools and whatnot I get that too, and I've got three more photos of it after the jump...

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Mike Johnson said...

One of the best sex scenes of 2021. We see men ogling female breasts all the time. To see a man's gorgeous nipple and chest hair appreciated by a woman like that? Wow. To be a fly in the bedroom of Peter and Maggie. We get the intellectual connection between Jessie and Peter's characters in the movie. But in that one scene on the stairs, it made audiences believe women (and gay men) would leave their children for Peter's chest (and brain). Conceptually at least.