Monday, March 07, 2022

Good Morning, World

Gratuitous Monday morning greetings from the actor Barry Keoghan, who (now I am whispering) maybe you caught in The Batman this weekend, if you saw that movie? If you did see the movie and you have thoughts well, tell me! I reviewed the film last week (right here) and plenty of people have already told me how stupidly dumb-dumb wrong I was about hating it, so please, pile on! Believe me, I can take it. Either way, to the haters and the lovers, to the lovers and the dreamers, Good Morning.


Shawny said...

Wow Jason, those trolls commenting on your eloquent review. It really sucks you have to deal with that shit. Thank you for continuing to do what you do. I love your writing, and this blog. Keep calm-ish and carry on :)

dre said...