Thursday, March 24, 2022

Choke Me Out, Jake

A second trailer for Michael Bay's forthcoming action movie Ambulance starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Yahya Abdul-Mateen dropped today (see the first one here) as we speed towards its U.S. release on April 8th -- Jake & Yahya play life-long friends who rob a bank and after some hijinks of the explosive sort end up commandeering an ambulance to make their escape -- cue yet more explosive hijinks, and then double that no doubt. The new trailer is pretty goofy (it involves a lot of Christopher Cross' legendarily cornball song "Sailing") and makes me feel slightly less despairing about Jake forcing me to see a Michael Bay movie -- there is also a shot...

... in the trailer that is quite plainly of Jake & Yahya's body-doubles and not the actors themselves that had me going, "Who in the hell...???" This shot comes right before the one you see up top so it's definitely supposed to be Jake & Yahya's characters... but that is quite plainly neither Jake nor Yahya. I actually find this old-school bait-and-switch pretty endearing though? It's better than the awful CG faces they're always plopping onto stunt-doubles that float five inches off the place where a person's face would normally be! That shit's the literal worst. Okay, watch the trailer if you care to here:

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