Wednesday, March 30, 2022

An X On Your House

Quick update on Ti West's terrific horror movie X (which co-stars actor Martin Henderson, seen above just because why the hell not) in case you missed the news elsewhere -- it's hitting blu-ray on May 24th! You can pre-order it on Amazon right this minute, and I imagine that price point of 40 bucks will drop before the thing ships in fifty-five days if that seems steep to you. (As it should -- forty bucks is ridiculous.) Here is my review of the movie -- I dug it, and have been dying to re-watch it ever since(especially with the news of the prequel already secretly shot). I hope it hits streaming even sooner, and I imagine it will given the route these things have settled into these days. 


Anonymous said...

I was always surprised that Martin Henderson didn’t become a bigger deal after The Ring. I mean, look at him.

Anonymous said...

i wonder what a hypothetical third movie in this trilogy would look like